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Online QR Code Decoder

QR codes are the easiest and fastest way to share any type of information.

These days we can easily find QR codes in most of the places like grocery stores, shopping malls, railway stations, airports, restaurants, hotels etc.

QR codes can be found on our daily needs of products like milk packets, cloth bags, packing boxes etc.

It can be found on our cards like visiting card, national identity card, college, school and company identity card etc.

Most QR codes contain URL, text, message, email, VCard, contact, UPI, product code, Wi-Fi password and some other information.

This information is encoded format and human eyes cannot decode the QR code, That's why we need a QR code scanner. Which can easily scan and decode QR codes.

You can use third-party apps to scan QR codes, but most of the apps are full of ads, so you should use an online QR code scanner tool.

QRCodeRaptor is the best solution to scan QR codes online because it can scan any types of QR codes with your device's camera and if your device's camera is damaged then scanning the QR code from the image is the best option.

QRCodeRaptor also supports all types of Google QR Codes, Diksha QR Codes, Myntra QR Codes and Aadhaar Card QR Codes.

Our Tool Features


Cross Device Compatibility

QRCodeRaptor is the web based QR Code Scanner. It means, It is accessible from any type of device like Android, iPhone, Windows, macOS, and Linux etc.


Free & Faster Scanner

QRCodeRaptor is 100% free forever. If you are the genuine user of this website, enjoy this awesome tool. We are working for you to provide free and faster QR scanning service.


Live Camera Scanning

It can easily scan QR codes from camera without capture an image. You do not need to capture and save a QR code image in your local memory.


Instant Image Scanning

If you have a QR code in image format, just upload it and our QR Image scanner tool will scan it instantly. QRCodeRaptor supports JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP image formats.


Safety & Security

User's data security is our first priority. QRCodeRaptor use “256-bit encryption” SSL/TLS to secure your QR code data. We do not take any type of personal information from our users.


Unlimited Scanning

There is no login/sign up require for scanning QR codes. There is no QR code scanning limit for any user. You can scan unlimited QR codes without login/sign up and charges.

How To Use QR Code Decoder?

Camera IconScan QR Code From Camera

  • Click "Open Camera" Button
  • Camera will be "started" instantly
  • Point "Camera" at the QR Code

Image IconScan QR Code From Image

Copy IconCopy QR Code Text

  • Click"Copy" Button to copy QR Code text to the clipboard

Rescan IconRescan Another QR Code

  • Click"Scan Another QR Code" Button to rescan QR Codes
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